{October 7, 2011}   Pressure

Well thinking college would have been manageable while being a full time mother ,daughter and sister to many who need my help was, well, a little understated to say the least.  Given that statement I am thoroughly enjoying the experience while  realizing that mature student status does not come from your age like I originally thought but the way in which you apply yourself to your study.

A mature student is there because they want to be and so therefore you  are willing to put in the time which is required to be successful with your course of study.  This may give you an advantage in some areas but where you need to apply yourself 24hrs to your study this as I see it is a  disadvantage. By this I mean, a  mature student has already built up an outside life (i.e kids, lifestyle or commitments that cannot be avoided). 

So I am putting this to the test, I study full time at the WIT in Waterford and I really want to succeed, when I am done there I then have a second role to play, Mammy!! Let the fun begin.


Patrick says:

Well said

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