{November 24, 2011}   Exam Preparation


Are you sick of reading or looking at endless amounts of text that you have to read. (like me). It is hard to keep track of the bits you need to remember and the bits that are not relevant!!.  When an exam is due everyone hits the books and tries to squeeze in as much info as possible in too short time to the exam, this short video gives you a few pointers advising you in general to study in bite size pieces.

Below is a link to a you tube video with short easy to read captions instead of reams and reams of text. Take a look to see if its helpful to you.


{November 17, 2011}   Inspiration and Tips

Inspiration and Tips.

{November 17, 2011}   Inspiration and Tips


This week I felt like I needed a little pick up!! So I found a “useful little tips” section in a Mature Student website. I have posted the link below if you would like to take a little look for yourself.  This particular section was written by previous experienced Mature Students. There are a few interesting points take you might not think of yourself while under pressure but once you read them you suddenly realize you already knew that !!!

The site is formatted in an easy to read table with straight to the point tips. Hope you find it interesting I did !!

{November 10, 2011}   Stressed Out !!

Stressed Out !!.

{November 10, 2011}   Stressed Out !!


Well if like me you are now stressing out. Below is a link with some little tips on how to accept your noe extra busy lifestlye. It’s the little thing we forget about!! If you were setting the kids up for the school year you would make sure they had some where to do their homework and enough space so they are not on top of one another. This makes sense to do it for them but for yourself!! Thats another story. So if you’ve realised something needs to change to make this easier then follow the link below and have a quick read through some pointers like appointing yourself a space to study in. Unlike me squashed at the dinner table and having to move every meal time!!! Adding to my Stress!!!

Check out the link ..probably stuff you already know but you might have forgot to do for YOU.

{October 24, 2011}   Mature Student Study Guide

Below is a link to some online reading about how to manage your time as a mature student. It also has great exam tips.  I personally read it on line but if you like to hold what your reading then it is also available to buy online (amazon..etc.) or at any good book stores.  It does contain some handy little pointers.

This book is a nice easy read and I hope you find it interesting!!

There are available routes other than a third level college, such as VTOS courses, which aim to meet the needs of a nervous beginner to returning to Education. A VTOS course will also make allowances for your other life. By this I mean I attended a VTOS course in WCFE (Waterford College of Further Education) in Parnell Street and it is the essential stepping stone needed to build confidence. I have 3 young children all under 10yrs and the course I chose had a finishing time of 1:30pm every day. this allowed me time to do my thing in the morning and gave me enough time to collect the kids after school.

Below is a link to the college I attended;

Below here is a link which refers to the official VTOS Training Opportunities.

{October 11, 2011}   The Story continues….


   So on top of trying to study every dying minute I get,  because unfortunately I am not as up to date with the “lingo” as I should be for a BSc    in IT, never the less my other life is still steam training down the track.      (very uncontrollably!!)

I do a car boot sale every Sunday as a trader and more often than not I am  up at 6am on a Sunday morning. I pack the kids into the car, and the stuff into the trailer and away we go……….Yeah yeah alright big who ha you say …..but the amount of people that catch wind of your car booting affair is unbelievable… what? Right? ……..Until they say they have a few bits that they offer you…Naturally you think ok that would be great…So you leave for college after sorting out the house and when you come home those people that had a few bits to drop up suddenly and without warning empty half their house into yours and you arrive home to absolute choas.

Like today….(And your suppose to be grateful for it!!!!)

So here I sit typing about the issue instead of getting off my ass and dealing with it…lol…..

Here is the link if you would like to know more about Fethard Folk Farm;

{October 8, 2011}   Pressure


{October 7, 2011}   Pressure

Well thinking college would have been manageable while being a full time mother ,daughter and sister to many who need my help was, well, a little understated to say the least.  Given that statement I am thoroughly enjoying the experience while  realizing that mature student status does not come from your age like I originally thought but the way in which you apply yourself to your study.

A mature student is there because they want to be and so therefore you  are willing to put in the time which is required to be successful with your course of study.  This may give you an advantage in some areas but where you need to apply yourself 24hrs to your study this as I see it is a  disadvantage. By this I mean, a  mature student has already built up an outside life (i.e kids, lifestyle or commitments that cannot be avoided). 

So I am putting this to the test, I study full time at the WIT in Waterford and I really want to succeed, when I am done there I then have a second role to play, Mammy!! Let the fun begin.

et cetera